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Exclusive Services

Author, Educator, and Speaker "Kimberly A. Morrow is on a mission to empower parents to become better advocates for their children. Parents often are confronted with issues of not knowing essential study skills for children, technology, preparing their child for college, and tackling their child's learning deficiencies, and more. "


     - Sheen Magazine, Kristyn Harris, 12/20/2018.

Schools & Colleges

  • Virtual and In-Person High School Special Event Speaker  

  • Virtual and In-Person College Graduation Speaker


Special Events

  • Virtual/ Zoom Speaker

  • Group/Individual Motivational Speaker

  • Special Event Motivational Speaker


Home School Education

  • Virtual Learning

  • Student One-On-One

  • Shared In-Home Education


Tutoring & Intervention

  • Transitional Tutoring

  • Subject Tutoring & Online Classes

  • Private to Home School Transition


Let's Work


There are many independent schools in the Southern California area and finding just the right match is one of the most important decisions parents make when it comes to education. As the President and Founder of Doris L. Morrow Academy and author of 8 Pearls of Wisdom, I work closely with parents and students to navigate the process of finding the best fit.

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