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Kimberly A. Morrow, M.Ed.

Kim has over 13 years of experience as a classroom teacher and 10 years of experience as a school site administrator. She is also the author of 8 Pearls of Wisdom A Parenting Guide: Empowering Children is the Way to Go! Ms. Morrow earned a B.A. in History from Morris Brown College as well as Ed. M. in Teaching and Curriculum from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Throughout her career as an educator, Kimberly has advocated for student equity inside and beyond the classroom. 

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Kimberly's Mission

Author, Educator, and Speaker "Kimberly A. Morrow is on a mission to empower parents to become better advocates for their children. Parents often are confronted with issues of not knowing essential study skills for children, technology, preparing their child for college, and tackling their child's learning deficiencies, and more.

Kimberly's Vision

Kimberly founded Doris L. Morrow Academy, a Private-School Satellite Program in 2020 during the global pandemic to address the needs of parents and students of color from marginalized communities. 

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