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Kimberly A. Morrow, an accomplished educator with over 13 years of classroom teaching and 10 years of school administration, is a distinguished author, educator, and speaker. With a mission to empower parents as advocates for their children, Kimberly brings a wealth of experience, insights from her book "8 Pearls of Wisdom," and a commitment to student equity, making her an ideal choice for speaking engagements on topics such as college readiness, motivation, and the importance of learning African American History and

Genealogy —offering a unique blend of expertise, passion, and a proven track record in education.

Kimberly A. MORROW 

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With expertise honed through over 13 years of classroom teaching and 10 years in school administration conducting presentations, workshops, and parent empowerment trainings,  Kimberly is a seasoned professional committed to empowering parents and students of color from marginalized communities.


Specializing in:

Goal Setting with Vision Board Workshop- An empowering vision board workshop participants are guided through a transformative journey of self-discovery, goal setting, and manifestation, using creative techniques to bring your dreams to life visually.

Parent Empowerment- Engaging and dynamic topics are essential study skills, mastering technology in education, college preparation strategies, tackling learning challenges, and fostering strong parent-teacher-child bonds, inspired by the transformative insights in '8 Pearls of Wisdom: A Parenting Guide, Empowering Children is the Way to Go! 

Motivational Speaking-Kimberly, a compelling motivational speaker, shares her inspiring journey of overcoming early academic challenges in community college and high school, where poor study skills posed hurdles, to ultimately triumphing, being accepted and graduating from Morris Brown College, and culminating in her remarkable achievement of earning a Master's Degree in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Genealogy and African-American History-As a dynamic speaker, Kimberly engages audiences in thought-provoking discussions on the vital importance of teaching African-American history, blending personal narratives from my journey, and emphasizing the transformative impact of incorporating genealogy into educational curricula, fostering a deeper connection to historical narratives and enriching the learning experience for both parents and children.

Kimberly uniquely blends her educational background with a passion for equity, making her an ideal choice for inspiring and informative speaking engagements that resonate with diverse audiences.

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