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Unlock a world of possibilities with our online class offerings! From the transformative '6-Week Visionary Pathway' guiding students through goal setting and visualization to the enriching 'Intro to Genealogy' unveiling your family's past, and the ongoing creative writing adventure 'Write Your Story!' for young authors, our courses provide a unique blend of education, inspiration, and hands-on activities to fuel personal growth and exploration. 

What We


6-Week Visionary Pathway: Goal Setting And Visualization for Student Success

This Intensive 6-week course, students will dive deep into the world of S.M.A.R.T. goals, vision boards, effective goal setting, time management, organization and planning,  The class meets once a week for 55 minutes.  Students will need a posterboard, old magazines, scissors, and glue.  Student will receive a download of the workbook, Dream Big, The Power of Vision Boards once payment is received. 


Write Your Story!: Learn How to Become an "Authorpreneur"

This will be an ongoing class which means you will be charged weekly. Learners will be charged each week but can join or leave at any time as open spots are available.*  A Creative Writing Adventure for Students Ages 12-18!  "Write Your Story" is a course designed to empower young writers aged 12-18 to explore the fascinating world of creative writing and embark on the exciting adventure of crafting their very own book. In this unique class, we're all about fostering creativity, self-expression, and storytelling in a supportive and inspiring community.



Future Class Coming Soon!


Intro to Genealogy: Exploring Your Family's Past: A 6-Week Genealogy Journey

Discover the captivating world of genealogy in this enriching 6-week course, where we'll delve into the art of tracing your family's history and discovering your ancestral roots. Through engaging lessons and hands-on activities, you will embark on a fascinating journey to connect with your heritage and gain insights into the role your family played in shaping American culture.



Future Class Coming Soon! 



Future Class Coming Soon!

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