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Olivia Almagro 

 Olivia Almagro hails from Hartford, CT. She currently lives in Miami, Florida, where she is the founder and principal owner of O+ Media Group. She is a public relations consultant, writer, digital content producer, and adjunct professor. She has been recognized for several awards, including an Outstanding Women of America Award, Hartford Courant’s Best Letters to the Editor of the Year Award 2008, and an Unsung Hero Award. Olivia Almagro is co-producer for the award-winning 70 Years of Blackness: The Untangling of Race and Adoption. She holds a B.A. in Mass Media Arts from Morris Brown College in Georgia and an M.S. in Management from Albertus Magnus College in Connecticut. 




Rachel Gibbs closes a major chapter in her life and embarks on a promising new career as Media Liaison and Spokesperson at the Empowerment Agency. Yet, a year after being on the job, Rachel discovers her power-hungry boss and CEO of the agency, Roger Williams, is a total nightmare.

Roger Williams stands tall at the top, destroying the livelihoods of anyone who dares to stand up to him, even sabotaging Rachel’s work at every turn. William’s cruel actions catch up to him, when his neglectful and thieving ways become the focus of an FBI investigation.

Jennifer, a disgraced ex-employee, and her former assistant, Michelle, become embroiled in Williams’ war against the Feds and his enemies.  

Some will do anything to come out on top, while others become unwitting victims in a war they can’t avoid, and a seemingly inscrutable Williams will stop at nothing to ensure his own survival.

The whirlwind of love, friendship, and infidelity complicating each character’s personal life is nothing compared to the inevitable hurricane of danger that threatens to destroy them completely.

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