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Transformative speaker

AUTHOR'S BOOK TALK EVENTS ARE FROM 600 P.M.- 800 P.M. EST Tuesday, February 8, 2022 Thursd


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“Children are imprinted with the lessons of life from their earliest years. They learn from their parents how to give and receive love“

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Transformative Speaker and Educational Consultant

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Kimberly A. Morrow is a transformative speaker and educator.

Her words empowerment captured the hearts of our students at Mary B. Henry Academy when she came to speak with them and motivate them to pursue their passions and continue their education. Our students come from a disadvantaged community and home life and her words of wisdom were welcomed and timely." ~ Jamico Elder, Executive Director Avalon-Carver Community Center and Mary B. Henry Academy.


“This book was transformational for me as the parent of a special needs child. Her experiences with her son resonated with me as I am going through similar with my son. I have already begun implementing some of her tips. Thank you.” 

—  Kimberly Watkins, Goodreads 

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